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Photo Restoration

For many years, I have been fortunate to been part of a wide variety of historical projects that involve restoring and colorizing black and white photographs. More like a color archeologist with research involving history, period clothing, lighting and weather conditions. The process is mainly done in Photoshop with various techniques involving layers and paths and other adjustments in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Below is a sampling of the more involved photographs that have been brought back to a full spectrum of life.

Wells Edward RestorationWells Edward Restoration
Wright Hendrick RestorationWright Hendrick Restoration
Peck George RestorationPeck George Restoration
Asher Minor WWI RestorationAsher Minor WWI Restoration
149th Co D 1864 Restoration149th Co D 1864 Restoration
Pete Gray RestorationPete Gray Restoration
Pete Gray RestorationPete Gray Restoration
Ellen Webster Palmer 1970 RestorationEllen Webster Palmer 1970 Restoration
Boxer 1950 RestorationBoxer 1950 Restoration
Carol Glasser RestorationCarol Glasser Restoration
USS Shickshinny RestorationUSS Shickshinny Restoration
Patterson 143 Reg RestorationPatterson 143 Reg Restoration
Miners 1920 RestorationMiners 1920 Restoration
Jackie and Campy RestorationJackie and Campy Restoration
Jackie Robinson RestorationJackie Robinson Restoration
Tanner Allen RestorationTanner Allen Restoration
USS Wilkes-Barre RestorationUSS Wilkes-Barre Restoration
109th Artillery 1970 Restoration109th Artillery 1970 Restoration