Cooper’s Beer
Club Mug

Coopers Beer Club Mug

Previous Next Beer club mug Cooper’s BeerClub Mug The president of the Scranton Brewer’s Guild knew that Cooper’s Seafood House, Scranton, Pa. was looking to redesign their Beer Club mug. Inspiration for the design was based on Cooper’s Pirate and Seafaring theme as well as their extensive selection of craft beers. Back

iNTaGiBLe aLeS

iNTaGiBLe aLeS

craft brewer Intangible Ales Introduced in December 2013, Intangible Ales produced eclectic, rustic and wild ales based in South Central Pennsylvania. Style is subjective. Art is an ale. All Logo branding bottle lables Intangible-Ales-name Intangible Ales – Logo Intangible Ales – Full Logo Intangible_Ales Intangible Ales Intangible Ales Intangible Ales Intangible Ales: Au Ra Intangible […]

St. Stephen’s
200 Gala

200th Anniversary Gala

200th anniversay gala St. Stephen’s 200th Anniversary Gala A milestone anniversary, St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Wilkes-Barre, PA celebrated it’s 200th Anniversary Regency Gala to honor the year of founding in 1817. The 200th Regency Gala was held in the Nave of the Church with dinner and drinks with friends and family across the country. I […]

Irem Temple
Restoration Project

Irem Temple, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Previous Next HISTORICAL PRESERVATION Irem Temple Restoration Project The Irem Temple located in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. was saved from the wrecking ball and will be converted into a new tourism / entertainment space for future generations. I was instrumental in helping to lay the groundwork for its logo/branding with website, fundraising and other design elements. Back


Photo Colorization

Arts & Entertainment Photo Restoration For many years, I have been fortunate to been part of a wide variety of historical projects that involve restoring and colorizing black and white photographs. More like a color archeologist with research involving history, period clothing, lighting and weather conditions. The process is mainly done in Photoshop with various […]

Wyoming Valley
Art League

Wyoming Valley Art League

Arts Management Wyoming Valley Art League I was asked to join the Wyoming Valley Art Leagues Board in 2015. During my time as a board member I redesigned print and digital marketing collateral for monthly scheduled events. Gallery openings, fundraising, annual dinner and membership drives were some of the many events that I was involved […]